Our team provides integrated consulting, security training and executive protection for clients in the private, commercial and governmental sectors. We help with everything from conducting threat assessments and security tactical training to serving as your trusted advisor in selecting equipment, technologies and products.

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Advisory Services
We help collect, analyse and interpret information that is mission-critical to your organization and environment. Our advisory services range from security best practices and strategies, homeland security, crisis management and response, critical infrastructure security protection, terrorism, equipment, products and counterinsurgency trends, including:

Special Studies

  • Threat Assessments
  • Policy Analysis
  • Order of Battle (ORBAT)
  • Regional/Country Security Assessments

Procurement Support

  • Technology and New Equipment
  • Request for Proposal Support
  • Bid Analysis and Decisional Matrix
  • Workshops/Gaming
  • Alternative Future Analysis

Marine Systems Selection

  • Mobile Training Teams (MTT)
  • Certification
  • Specialized Waterways Consulting
  • Boat Sales and Leasing

Combat Systems Selection

  • Technical Products Assessments
  • Land Systems Assessments
  • Logistics Support

Executive Protection Services
Our skilled personal security experts (mobile and static) are experienced in close-proximity protection, trained in combat, and able to gain, maintain and build trust with clients and staff. They are well versed in technological tools and applicable psychology, applying the full spectrum of security analysis to intimate knowledge of clients and staff and their movements.

Security Training
Partnering with our team provides access to the company’s instructors – a global network of seasoned personnel, including retired U.S. military officers. Our senior and highly decorated advisers offer extensive prior operational experience including military training, doctrinal modernization, national security and defense industry integration and development. Our Mobile Training Teams (MTT) can travel to your location(s) to support tactical and strategic requirements, bringing you the highest caliber of training across the globe. Our team also delivers symposiums, conferences and seminars designed to improve understanding of modern day security issues and threats to private, commercial and governmental sector clients.

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