FixCir™ and
Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

We conduct “activity based” analyses of vendor designed network services and vendor Telecom billing data that support your business. We achieve additional cost savings that exceed our competitors by managing the raw data associated with Telecom expenses and vendor designed networks.  We integrate with vendor billing data streams, normalize the vast amount of data, and present in an easy to understand and comprehensive manner.

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Telecom Activity Based Solutions

FixCir™ Solution
Supported by our state-of-the art in house software tool, FixCir™, our team quickly implements activity-based analyses that lead to enhancing telecommunications networks and services (outside the point of demarcation) supporting your business. We record and inventory the existing infrastructure and isolate each component cost to business processes including vendor billings. The costs are then reconciled to their sources for proper disposition. We produce customized reports allowing the client or our staff to immediately implement efficiencies, significantly reducing costs and recovering revenues.

TEM Solution
We provide a comprehensive TEM service supported by an “easy to use” hosted platform that is designed to customer reporting specifications.  Data collection and reporting for Wireline (local/long distance), Wireless and IT includes:  Expense Management, Service and Asset Management, Business Analytics, Partner Portal, Help Desk, and Global Visibility and Reporting.

In addition, we provide Life-cycle and Logistics Management of telecommunications products and services.  Please download the above PDF for more information.

Additional Consulting Services

Due Diligence
Our due diligence services include mergers and acquisitions support for profitability and cost analysis and or cost reduction support.

Business Integration
To help you with business integration, we design, recommend and implement strategies, allowing you to achieve their highest margins in combination with re-designing supplied telecommunications networks and services that enhance business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

Telecommunications Management
Our telecommunications management identifies areas that cause negative impact to overall company profitability and recommends and implements solutions that create positive margins.

Proposal Support and Contract Negotiations
We assist with preparation of bid proposals for telecommunications services and support awarded contract processes through contract negotiations.