We are four privately held companies that supply an array of sophisticated solutions to the commercial, private and government sectors.

redman consulting services

Enterprise technologies that provide sustainable, process-oriented, integrated and adaptive standard-based solutions.

unitas solutions

Integrated, end-to-end and adaptive solutions in the fields of aviation, logistics and security.

unitas delta

Global leader providing integrated solutions for equipment, support, services and security for the oil/gas and mining industries.

goldtree capital

Customized finance leasing programs for civil aircraft and oil/gas and mining equipment.

World-class – Adaptive – Sustainable
for current and future generations

A leader in environmentally conscious and sustainable solutions, Redman Companies has been delivering standards-based, integrated solutions that solve today’s challenges and readily evolve with changing needs.

Our solutions benefit clients by helping to:

  • Maximize ROI, protect assets, and mitigate risk and exposure through seamless business processes
  • Meet client goals of quality assurance and environmental sensitivity
  • Acquire worldwide enterprise technology, aviation, logistics and security services
  • Deliver standards-based, integrated enterprise solutions
  • Design, build and operate
  • Assure customer satisfaction through proven processes
  • Increase productivity, reliability and efficiency

Meet our experienced executive team with a successful track record, long history, and in-depth knowledge of anticipating and appraising future trends and applications:

  • Allison Coulter-Redman – CEO and Chairman
  • Richard Redman – President and CTO
  • Jean Petak, Director – Telecommunications, Redman Consulting Services, Inc.
  • Bill Henry, Executive Vice President – Aviation and Security,
    Unitas Solutions, LLC
  • Jan Mazotti, Executive Vice President – Logistics,
    Unitas Solutions, LLC
  • Bob Mulverhill, Executive Vice President – Oil and Gas,
    Unitas Delta, LLC

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